An update from 'M'

💬🐦 TWEET TWEET! An update from M:

“Hi everyone, thanks so much for the continued messages of support and love! It’s been overwhelming, and I’ve appreciated all your well wishes more than you know. I thought now would be a good time while I’m healing, to share my story with you. As many of you may know, a couple weeks back I had to take flight for an urgent neurosurgery operation in Wellington. Here surgeons relieved the build up of pressure in my head, which was secondary to a tumour growing on my brain stem. The pressure was relieved by creating two holes right in the middle of my brain/ventricles – creating a new plumbing channel for the cerebral spinal fluid to drain! Isn’t science amazing?”

Life for M now means constant monitoring and focusing on the simple things: fun, family and love – but we all know that she can't stop the creativeness that seems to just effortlessly flow through her! She’s even making everyone smile with her infectious positivity, her favourite saying right now: “I feel like I’m just a new and improved model M!” She has more drive, more ideas, more creativity and a stronger focus and passion than ever – she just can't wait to share it with you, and we are working hard behind the scenes to bring you an even better Fantail’s Nest.

“I am on the mend, but relocating back to the dramatic natural wildness of the family farm in Te Pohue, where I have an abundant supply of family love, support and smiles.” All the perfect ingredients for her and her two young girls, Molly and Pippa. These three strong young women will complete their move of Fantail's Nest NZ to Te Pohue soon and look forward to sharing their journey with you when the Nest re-opens towards the end of May.

M has asked us to pass onto you, with heartfelt gratitude, “Thank you for your incredible support and lots of love – from my family to yours.”

From this cool rural super mum, (now known as the new model M), Molly, Pippa and the team at the Nest – thank you xx