The Nest is re-opening end of May

Some good news! We are really excited to tell you that M is doing well, and with a team of helpers, is currently packaging and shipping out pre-made previous orders, and working towards loading all the pre-made Pram Nests (of where there are about 30!) onto the website ready for sale towards the end of May! There are also another 30 or so that were halfway through production, so we are also hoping to have those sewn up and out towards the start of June, so you will still be able to get your Pram Nests for winter! Just keep an eye on our social media and we will announce when the online store is re-opened. A quick note though to remind people that there will be no custom orders taken until M is ready and able to sew again – so the limited stock that is on the website will be it! I guess you could say they are now limited edition! Thanks for supporting this awesome, rural mum entrepreneur – kiwis supporting local businesses and each other – that's what it's really all about!